Self-Managing Operations in the News

News from around the world about self-managing organizations

The Age of the Self-Managed Organization

December 26, 2014

The Great Work Cultures initiative is bringing together individuals, organizations, and networks to co-create a new norm for work cultures that optimizes worker effectiveness and human happiness. This blog entry delineates how self-managing organizations are fractal in nature.

HBR Reviews Holacracy

July-August 2016

Harvard Business Review covers the Holacracy operating system and the challenges that some companies have when adopting this model. In contrast to Holacracy, the planning workshops that FractalOps offers allow organizations to design their own processes and practices for self-management.

Zappos Adopts Holacracy

June 3, 2015

Brian J. Robertson created the Holacracy system of self-management. (His organization is one of those in Frederic Laloux's research.) Zappos is the largest organization to adopt the Holacracy operating system, and this Business Insider article provides an overview that describes their approach.

What We Got Wrong About Self-Management: Embracing Natural Hierarchy at Work

August 15 2015

Buffer is one of the organizations in Laloux's research that adopted self-management with a seat-of-the-pants approach. In this article, Leo Widrich discusses how a natural hierarchy is a preferred approach to a completely flat organizational structure.

Unlocking the Benefits of Self-Management Without Going All In on Holacracy

This article is by Mike Arauz, co-founder of August, an organizational design firm that helps teams develop their capacity to learn and adapt quickly, together. Mike is also a co-author of the Responsive Org Manifesto.

A Look at the Self-Managed Corporate Structure

January 12, 2017

This article is by Agile experts Jim Mruzik and Don Peters of WWT Asynchrony Labs describes how self-management flattens out organizations and makes individuals accountable to their personal job responsibility, rather than a boss at corporate.