Interactive Planning Workshops

FractalOps interactive planning workshops guide leaders and teams through the structures, processes, and practices of self-management. You design your own self-managing system, inspired by case studies from over a dozen organizations that operate successfully in this manner.

Building Team Structures

Discuss pros and cons of self-managing operations. Design structural models that meet your organization’s needs. Create agreements for embedding staff functions in teams. Discuss and plan purpose-driven project teams and temporary task forces.

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Designing Business Processes

Configure self-managing methods for typical organizational processes, such as product development, sales & marketing, and finance. Discuss environmental and social management. Share ideas for dealing with continuous change and crisis management.

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Establishing Daily Practices

Learn the advice process for streamlining and establishing accountable, distributed decision making. Discuss meetings with purpose, team trust building, and open information flows. Practice mind-mapping and stress relief techniques and define shared values.

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Creating People Practices

Discover self-management practices for recruiting, onboarding, training, and coaching. Create agreements for commitment and working hours. Discuss jobs and role fluidity, compensation, and salary setting. Plan peer-based feedback and performance management practices.

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Teams practice mind-mapping techniques

Mind-mapping is a great tool for sharing information in teams and mapping it to your organization's goals and purpose. Expressing ideas visually allows team members to participate fully and see the relationship between their perspectives and those of their team members.

Individuals have time for contemplation

In FractalOps interactive planning workshops, individuals have time to consider their own thoughts and ideas before sharing them with the group. Everyone participates equally, and group leaders are randomly selected for each exercise.


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